ZYX Italo Disco Collection - The Early 80s



Značka: ZYX Music
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Kategorie: CD Compilations

Tracklist 3CD:

1-01 Cyber People Polaris (Club Mix) 6:32
1-02 Ken Laszlo Hey Hey Guy (US Remix) 5:47
1-03 Brian Ice Tokyo (DJ Version) 6:39
1-04 Hypnosis* Droid (Automatic Piano) 5:10
1-05 Patrick Colby Mandrill (Extended Version) 6:12
1-06 Koto Jabdah (DJ Version) 6:17
1-07 Alan Ross Valentino Mon Amour (Dub Extended) 5:21
1-08 50 & 50 Brothers Red Man (After Rain Mix) 5:31
1-09 Roy Shooting Star (Dub Version) 5:47
1-10 Baby's Gang America 4:28
1-11 Valerie Dore The Night (Original Mix) 6:15
1-12 Image (4) Hot Stuff (Long Version) 7:20
1-13 Scotch Disco Band 3:56
2-01 Argentina Baby Don't You Break My Heart 5:51
2-02 Brian Ice Walking Away (Vocal Extended) 5:47
2-03 Cyber People Digital Signal Processor (Remix) 6:57
2-04 Roxanne (4) Show Me (Remix) 5:57
2-05 Amadhouse Shock Me (Extended) 5:59
2-06 Mike Cannon Going Crazy (Extended Vocal Mix) 6:20
2-07 Joe Lettieri You'll Be Mine (Mix Vox) 5:41
2-08 Life Movies Love Me Now (Base) 5:46
2-09 Apple In Jacket New World (Vocal) 5:41
2-10 The Kittchen Club* Can't Stop Saying I Love You 6:22
2-11 DJ Lelwel* House Machine 7:08
2-12 Flo Astaire Monkey Monkey (45 Vox) 5:51
2-13 Max 'n Sandy Keep The Joint 5:13
3-01 Various Mas Mix Que Nunca (Long Version) 17:03
3-01a Ken Laszlo Tonight (Re-remix)
3-01b Mike Cannon Voices In The Dark
3-01c Roy Destiny Time
3-01d Baby's Gang Happy Song
3-01e Koto Visitors
3-02 D.J. Effects D.J. Effects 2:21
3-03 Koto Jabdah (Megamix) 7:06
3-04 DJ Lelwel* Sound Effects 1:37
3-05 Roy Shooting Star (Bonus Beat) 3:42
3-06 Roy Shooting Star (Acapella) 3:05
3-07 Various Mas Mix Que Nunca (Disco Version) 12:55
3-07a Brian Ice Talking To The Night
3-07b Duke Lake Dance Tonight
3-07c Roy Destiny Time
3-07d Cyber People Void Vision
3-07e Baby's Gang Challenger
3-07f Koto Visitors
3-07g Baby's Gang Happy Song (Remix)
3-07h J.D. Jaber Don't Stop Lovin'
3-07i Alan Ross Valentino Mon Amor
3-07j Duke Lake Do You
3-07k Phil Grant Hey Girl
3-07l Ken Laszlo Tonight (Remix)
3-07m Ken Laszlo Hey Hey Guy
3-07n Mike Cannon Voices In The Dark
3-07o Sky Creakers* You Should Be Dancin



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