The Best Of Italo Disco Vol. 2



Značka: ZYX Music
349 Kč 288,43 Kč bez DPH
Kategorie: CD Compilations

Tracklist 2CD:

Scotch Disco Band (Vocal) 5:06
Chris Luis The Heart Of The City (Vocal) 7:05
Baby's Gang Happy Song 5:32
Tullio De Piscopo Primavera (Stop Bajon) 7:08
Flexi Cowboys Sexy Movie 6:23
Cyber People Polaris 5:37
Answering Service Call Me Mr. Telephone (Vocal) 6:34
Brian Martin Sex Tonight (Vocal) 5:08
Miko Mission How Old Are You? (Vocal) 7:15
Dust Man King Of The Ghetto (Let's Clean Up The Ghetto-Medley With Disco-King) 6:36
Savage Don't Cry Tonight 6:45
Fake Frogs In Spain 6:09
Paul Sharada Florida (Move Your Feet) 7:38
Valerie Dore The Night (Vocal) 5:49
Ranko Happy World (Vocal) 7:39
Ken Laszlo Hey Hey Guy (Vocal) 7:38
Duke Lake Satisfaction, Love & Passion 7:33
Scotch Penguins' Invasion 6:26



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