I Love Mixes Vol. 8



Značka: Blanco y Negro
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Kategorie: CD Compilations
I Love Mixes Vol. 8

Tracklist 2CD:

01.HOT DANCE (A Side Version) 18’15
02.HOT DANCE (B Side Version) 20’47
03.HOT DANCE (2022 Version) 16’56
04.HOT DANCE (2022 Jingle & FX) 7’05

01.CHIP CHIP Everything You Love (Dolce Vita Edit)
02.MOULINE ROUGE D.J. I Wanna Be Your Record (Cut And Come Again Mix)
03.RADIORAMA A B C D (Italy Remix)
04.MOLTOCARINA Voice Of The Night (Hot Mix)
05.VENICE You Gave Me Love (High Noon Version)
06.B.B. SALLY Melanie's Melody (Extended Mix)
07.COO COO You Can Set Me Free (Dance Version)
08.JENNY KEE Hot Love (Lovely Hearts Mix)
09.MARK FARINA To My Heart (Boom Boom Mix)
10.GIORGIA MORANDI Children Of The Sky (Figli Delle Stelle) (Vocal Version)
11.TAB OKONKWO Midnight (Extended Version)
12.SILICON DREAM Jimmy Dean Loved Marylin (Film Ab) (CinemaScop-Mix)


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