Disco Fox 80 Vol. 6


datum vydání: 2016

599 Kč 495,04 Kč bez DPH
Kategorie: CD Compilations


Leslie Mandoki Korea (Special Arirang Version) 7:40
Bad Boys Blue Lady In Black (Shakespearean Mix) 6:07
The Twins I Need You (Extended Version) 6:50
Silent Circle What A Shame (Masterbeat Mix) 6:37
Fancy No Tears (Extended Version) 5:30
Split Mirrors Voices (Extended Version) 7:15
T. Ark How Old Are You (Extended Version) 6:31
Ken Laszlo Don't Cry (The Marquee Remix) 7:34
Bruce & Bongo Hi Ho (Heigh Ho - Whistle While You Work) 5:45
Radiorama Chance To Desire (Extended Vocal Version) 7:53
Susanne Meals Forever (Extended Vocal Version) 7:07
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